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Much has been written about the “Power of Three,” from ancient mythology to current day marketing; from art and writing to communication and business. For me, it signifies the third stage or career of my working life, and an opportunity to share what I have learned so far. 

My first career was with Trans World Airlines, aka TWA, and the first lesson I learned was persistence. TWA wasn’t hiring, but I wanted to work there. So, I sat in the reception area for hours until the manager agreed to meet. I left that meeting as an employee and spent the next 21 years in 6 cities before retiring in London as a vice president.

Career two: management consulting. I learned that most businesses faced similar problems, and that management consultants used techniques — often identified by acronyms — and sometimes regarded as “miracle cures” or “silver bullets.” Some of these bullets were short-lived or used incorrectly, but for the most part, they were just labels for practical, common sense actions.

During my almost 30 years in the industry, I worked with hundreds of clients in over 30 countries, across dozens of industries. This confirmed my belief that all people have more in common with each other than differences, and that all companies, regardless of their industry, are basically the same at their operational core. 

What I hadn’t realized, is that my extensive travelling for over 50 years was preparing me for the third stage in my life. Reading is great protection against terminal and in-flight boredom, and thanks to my (now) fellow writers, James Patterson, Tom Clancy and many others, I survived thousands of flights by reading their books. And so, when I retired from full time consulting work, I borrowed some of the skills I had learned from the best to tell a few stories of my own.



What would you do if you knew - for certain - that you had one week to live?
— from Final Notice