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Van Fleisher
Author • Ghostwriter • Mentor/Coach

Bestselling Author of The Final Trilogy

I've been lucky to see much of the world, living and working in over 30 countries. I wrote my first book at 73 and have been helping people and companies flourish, thrive, and make the most out of life. I'm currently involved in several writing assignments and am readying my first two books for the big screen.


The “Power of Three,” from ancient mythology to current-day marketing, from art and writing to communication and business. For me, it signifies the third stage or career of my working life and my personal career trilogy. VF3 represents my third career, incorporating writing, ghostwriting, and coaching/mentoring.

Final Chance was published in 2022, rounding out the Final Trilogy. I've started writing two more books. One is a business book, “CSM,” and the other is a thriller. I aim to complete both in 2023, but I’ve begun another venture: Screenwriting. So many readers have mentioned that all three books would make good movies or TV series that I have decided to give them a chance to be seen and read.

In the few waking hours I have left, I devote my time as the head of C-DOG, Inc, a non-profit organization in my city, with a mission to promote healthy, safe, off-leash areas for dogs and their human guardians. It’s an amazing and therapeutic experience.

Notebook and Pen
Final Trilogy.jpg

Three books.
Three formats.

All three books are available in paperback, e-book, and Audible versions. 

Modern Watch

“What would you do if you knew - for certain - that you had one week to live?”

FINAL NOTICE poses this intriguing question, and in both Final Notice and Final Act, you'll see just how that question, inspired by impending death, is answered.

Importantly though, is that a large majority of readers and reviewers have been prompted to answer this question for themselves. 

So, how would
you answer?

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