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I've been fortunate in my long career and never tire of learning new things. My first real job was as a part-time reservations agent in an airline call center, and I retired as a vice president. I then joined an international management consulting firm and saw how hundreds of businesses operated, both well and poorly. When I retired, I wrote the first of three thrillers that have been widely acclaimed, and I'm now in the process of adapting the books into a screenplay. I've learned a lot, and I'd love to share and help authors and businesses succeed and avoid some of the pitfalls I've learned to recognize.  


I've been ghostwriting for over twenty years, mostly writing newsletters for businesses, large and small. I'll be publishing a business book that began as a ghostwriting project until the pandemic killed the opportunity.

Screenwriting is often a sub-set of ghostwriting and I'm happy to write or help you adapt your book into a screenplay. 


Author Mentor/Coach 

You may have heard the saying that 'everyone has at least one book in them,' and I believe that. The problem for most people is getting it into print (or html). I've helped many budding authors take what's in their heads and make it a reality.  I understand what needs to happen and what you don't need to pay for. Just tell me what you'd like to do, and I'll help you get it done. 

Small Business Assistance

I began my career in business and then in helping businesses. I loved both aspects, and I've learned countless lessons. 

I understand business process, and I firmly believe that getting it right and managing it well is the secret of success. 

I'd love to help small businesses succeed and am happy to consult or provide fractional services. 


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