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The July Casting Call Contest

Updated: Jul 6

Welcome to the July edition of the FINAL BLOG and another chance to win a $25 Amazon voucher in the Final Notice Casting Call Contest!

Congratulations to John B, the winner of June's contest, for choosing the actor to play Vijay Patel. - Vijay's "cousin," Dev Patel. Dev received the most votes, and John B was drawn from those voting for Dev. The cast is getting filled!

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, Final Notice and Final Act are being adapted into a four-part limited series screenplay, I thought it would be fun to get readers to suggest actors who could play the various roles. And to make it more interesting, a lucky winner will be drawn each month from those who suggested the winning actor. All you need to do is tell me which actor you think would be best for each month's featured role, and you will be entered with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher.

This month we have the opportunity to interview Jennifer Andrews Patel, Vijay's smart, talented, and beautiful wife.

(Van) "Hey, Jennifer. Thanks for spending some time with us. How are you?"

(Jennifer) "I always have time for you, Van. How could I not after all the nice things you've said about me? And for giving me not only a hottie husband but also the opportunity to beat the sh**t out of someone. Sorry, can I swear in the interview?"

(Van) "Actually not, but don't worry, we can edit it out."

(Jennifer) "Thanks. Yeah, I've been pretty good. Looking for some more good roles where I can use my beauty, brains, and martial arts skills. I spar with Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie to stay in shape. JC can still kick my ass."

(Van) "Chan's almost 70, and he can whip you? Wow. And I'd pay to watch a movie of you and Angelina duking it out. Mud wrestling would be even better.."

(Jennifer) "Van Fleisher, you dirty old man. And I do mean OLD. You should be ashamed of yourself. Did you say that to Trudi?"

(Van) "Okay, I apologize for saying it. But now I can't clear out the vision. What were we talking about?"

(Jennifer) "Haha. I'd like to know why you aren't including Final Chance in your screenplay. That's when I really got closer to my full potential."

(Van) "Good question. I just thought that the time leap was too much. I've been thinking about creating a full-length film with it, though. Would you be interested in doing that?"

(Jennifer) "Could you build in some fights for me?"

(Van) "Ha! Not sure who would take on the role of your opponent. The last guy said, 'Never again.' You must be proud of your kids in Final Chance. Pretty impressive performances."

(Jennifer) "Yes, very proud. They were awesome. I'd like to give you some credit, too. You described the American dream - from a Mumbai slum to the pinnacle of American democracy."

(Van) "Aww, shucks. Thanks. Talking with you has raised my enthusiasm for a Final Chance script, if for no other reason than being able to collaborate with you again. The other reason is that as a mixed genre - thriller/sci-fi - Final Chance hasn't taken off the way Final Notice and Final Act have. And it's actually the most important book I've written. Do you have any thoughts about that?"

(Jennifer) "Hmm. I hope it's the mixed-genre aspect. When I hear 'sci-fi,' I think of Star Wars. Your take on sci-fi is near-future stuff, very real and imaginable. And if climate change doesn't interest people, we'll never have a final chance and there'll never be a Star Wars era. I also loved how you combined my family's story with the dangers of severe climate change. "

(Van) "Thank you, Jennifer. It's always a pleasure to spend time with you. And thanks for the mud wrestling vision!

Thanks, everyone, for joining us, and good luck to all of you in July's Cast Call Contest to find the perfect actor for the role of Jennifer!

The rules are simple. The actor should preferably be alive, and their budget demands are of no consequence! Just click on the blue box below.

The deadline for receipt of your entry is July 31st. Got it? You can always e-mail me at if you have questions.

Next month we'll have a chance to meet with Zoe, so if you have any questions for her, let me know in advance.

Until next month, Van

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