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The August Casting Call Contest

Updated: Aug 5

Welcome to the August edition of the FINAL BLOG and another chance to win a $25 Amazon voucher in the Final Notice Casting Call Contest!

Congratulations to Brittany G, the winner of July's contest, for choosing the actor to play Jennifer Andrews Patel. Jennifer Lawrence received the most votes (12), and Brittany's vote was drawn from those voting for Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Anniston was the second most nominated with 9. The cast is getting filled!

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, Final Notice and Final Act are being adapted into a four-part limited series screenplay, I thought it would be fun to get readers to suggest actors who could play the various roles. And to make it more interesting, a lucky winner will be drawn each month from those who suggested the winning actor. All you need to do is tell me which actor you think would be best for each month's featured role, and you will be entered with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher.

This month we have the opportunity to interview Zoe Brouet, the tenacious FBI agent who collaborated with Vijay to thwart the Final Notice killing. Zoe is also the actor of the month feature.

(Van) "Special Supervisory Agent Brouet. Thanks for joining us. How are you, and are you carrying?"

(Zoe) "I'll save you a lot of ink. It's just Zoe. And no, I'm taking some time out. Demi and I doing some travelling."

(Van) "That's great. Where have you been so far?"

(Zoe) "We were in France recently and discovered your little joke."

(Van) "What do you mean?"

(Zoe) "You almost said that with a straight face. Demi and I were both embarrassed. Whenever we were asked our names, the locals would smirk when Demi introduced herself. We didn't understand why until we went to a restaurant and saw on the menu, 'Demi-magret,' - half a duck breast. Of course we had to try it, and it was delicious! We went all the way through Final Act without knowing that you were playing with her name."

(Van) "See. If I hadn't done that, you might have missed out on my favorite meal! What do you think about Final Notice as a TV series?"

(Zoe) "I think it's a fantastic idea and Dev Patel is a great choice for Vijay. I can't wait to see who you'll cast to play my role. I just wish I was a film actor so I could do it myself."

(Van) "But being a book character is so much easier. No make up, early screen calls, and travelling to different locations. But, tell me. How's family life?"

(Zoe) "Pretty awesome. After Demi and I got married, we adopted a boy and girl. They are actually a brother and sister. They're Korean-Americans, ten and nine years old. We've been travelling with them and having a blast. "

(Van) "I'm really pleased. You know, I never told you this, but after Final Act, I received a couple of early reviews that criticized my decision to create a same-sex relationship, but as more reviews rolled it, the readers were overwhelmingly supportive."

(Zoe) "That doesn't surprise me. It's still a fairly new phenomenom and a very small percentage of the overall population, so it's different. And it will take time for people to get used to it. Hey, we're happy and we know we'll be great parents. That's all that matters. "

(Van) "You got that right! Are you encouraging your kids to play soccer?"

(Zoe) "It didn't take much encouragement! "

(Van) "Thank you, Zoe. It was super to see you again. Say hi to Demi for me and if I write something with kids in it, I'll let you know.

Thanks, everyone, for joining us, and good luck to all of you in August's Cast Call Contest to find the perfect actress for Zoe's role!

The rules are simple. The actor/actress who you would like to see play Zoe should preferably be alive, and their budget demands are of no consequence! Just click on the blue box below.

The deadline for receipt of your entry is August 30th. Got it? You can always e-mail me at if you have questions.

Next month we'll have a chance to meet with Alek Belikov, so if you have any questions for him, let me know in advance.

Until next month, Van

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