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October's Final Notice Casting Call Contest

Welcome to the October edition of the FINAL BLOG and another chance to win a $25 Amazon voucher in the Final Notice Casting Call Contest!

Congratulations to Linda G, the winner of September's contest, for choosing the actor to play Alek Belikov. Rami Malek received the most votes (6) to play Alek, and Linda's vote was drawn from those voting for him. Brad Pitt came in 2nd, and Ryan Reynolds third.

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, Final Notice and Final Act are being adapted into a four-part limited series screenplay, I thought it would be fun to get readers to suggest actors who could play the various roles. And to make it more interesting, a lucky winner will be drawn each month from those who suggested the winning actor. All you need to do is tell me which actor you think would be best for each month's featured role, and you will be entered with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher.

This month, we have the opportunity to interview Vik Vasin, the primary villain in the screenplay. Vik is currently serving a life sentence for his crimes, so he was easy to find, and having a number of prison guards around was reassuring, I think. Our October contest will be to choose the actor to play Vik.

(Van) "Hello, Vik, and thanks for seeing me."

(Vik) "My pleasure. I'm not very busy dese days."

(Van) "Tell me about your life here at the Federal Correction Institution in Berlin, New Hampshire?"

(Vik) "Damn cold in da winter. And it's your fault!" You could've given me a lighter sentence, or at least a prison in a warmer place."

(Van) "My fault? You committed the crimes."

(Vik "Only in da book you wrote. I was just a small-time crook. You made me a killer."

(Van) "Fair enough, but since you were only a killer in the book, you're only in jail for life in the book, too."

(Vik) "Yeah, I guess you're right. Where we gonna film da series. Someplace nice, I hope."

(Van) "I don't know yet, but I'll see what I can do. Tell me. Does Alek visit you?"

(Vik) "Yeah. He bakes cakes wid hacksaw blades in dem. But so far, it only gives da guards sore throats."

(Van) "I'll take that as a joke. But seriously, do you enjoy his visits?"

(Vik) "Yeah. Dat was a joke. Alek is a really good guy, and I'm happy that you gave him a nice life. Unlike udders."

(Van) "Aww, com'on, Vik. It's just in the book. Lighten up. Soon, you'll be rubbing shoulders with starlets on the set. Tell you what. Who would you like to play your character?

(Vik) "How 'bout Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, or Jack Nicholson?"

(Van) "Seriously? They're a bit old. I was thinking Dylan McDermott, Andrew Garfield, Zachary Levi, Chris Evans, or Ryan Gosling."

(Vik) "Dey're OK. "

(Van) "One last question before our time's up. If I can get you a pardon, what would you do with the rest of your life."

(Vik) "Well. I tawt about dat. Y'know, social worker, volunteer at da homeless center, priest, maybe, but den I tawt, nah, dere's no money in dose. So I would just want to be a smarter gangster. "

Thanks, Vik and everyone, for joining us, and good luck to all of you in October''s Cast Call Contest to find the perfect actor for Vik's role!

The rules are simple. The actor who you would like to see play Vik should preferably be alive, and their budget demands are of no consequence! Just click on the blue box below. I've included some suggestions but feel free to use your imagination.

The deadline for receipt of your entry is October 31st. Got it? You can always e-mail me at if you have questions.

Next month we'll have a chance to meet with Demi Magray, so if you have any questions for her, let me know in advance.

Until next month, Van

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