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A big thank you to these reviewers and hundreds more who have read and appreciated my work.

“Van Fleisher could join the ranks of James Patterson and Tom Clancy with the quality of writing that I found in Final Notice. More importantly, he took a simple idea and elevated it into a thrilling, fast-paced read that never once slackened.” Samantha Coville for Readers’ Favorite.


“… A fiction novel that is not that far from reality. My attention never wavered while reading this novel. The characters are likable and multidimensional ... the plot was perfectly paced (and) I kept on turning the pages because

I was impatient to see how each character who received a final notice would react. I have to congratulate the author on the ability to surprise me multiple times throughout the story.” Sarah Khan for


“It is original, with biting humor, and well-executed; Final Notice is a great read. Final Notice by Van Fleisher is a thrilling novel that includes strong elements of sci-fi to provide readers with an awesome reading experience. The story is intelligently plotted, featuring a lot of suspense and grim humor, and forces readers to consider what they would do if they knew when they would die. Van Fleisher has a powerful sense of setting, and readers will feel as though they are navigating the physical and spiritual landscapes of the novel alongside the characters. Final Notice is a great read.” Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite.


“… A powerful and engrossing set of tales incorporating social and political commentary… . While the underlying premise may come from science fiction, the ultimate impact lies in their social perspectives, which leads readers to think about rights to senior citizens’ quality of life.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.


“Van Fleisher is a master entertainer... . Final Notice by Van Fleisher is an intelligently imagined and expertly crafted novel with an original concept. Combining dark and biting humor, satire, and suspense, Van Fleisher creates a story with characters who are sophisticated and reveal a lot about human nature. There is an unpredictability in the plot that makes it intriguing and exciting, with surprises that readers won’t see coming. You can’t stop reading this book once you start it.” Divine Zape, Readers’Favorite.


And from Amazon Readers …


“Shocking Reality of Gun Ownership in the wrong hands and the Consequences.”


“Fantastic Present-Day Intriguing Story!”


“Final Notice is an incredible political thriller that discusses the issue of gun control in America.”


“This story is imaginative and unique and draws attention to provocative topics that America is in the midst of …”


“Great political satire!”


“A ‘must read’ book for right now!”


“What a thrill ride! From start to finish, this book kept me engaged and entertained with its fascinating concepts.”

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