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Reviews for FINAL CHANCE


“A prophetic piece of fiction, and the climactic conclusion to the author’s dystopian near-future trilogy … this novel - and the entire series - shines a light of sci-fi satire on the tumultuous state of today’s affairs while still being chilling and prescient.

“Imaginative and engrossing … this time-jumping, tongue-in-cheek narrative delves into individual psyches as easily as it unravels the frightened, recognizable soul of a nation, for an incisive and page-turning read.”Self-Publishing Review


“A provocative dystopian novel with a science-fiction approach. The story is set in the very near future, depicting a dramatic climate change and an intriguing way to cope with it. The story has an intricate and absorbing plot, complete with unscrupulous villains and inspiring protagonists.”

Susan Sewell, Readers’ Favorite


“Final Chance is the third and explosive entry into the Final series by Van Fleisher, a story set in the near future when climate change and a series of deadly pandemics plague humankind. 

“Van Fleisher has crafted a story that is not just realistic but hugely imaginative, weaving elements of suspense and intrigue into it in a way that is fascinating. It is the perfect meld of science fiction and political thriller … and the superior storytelling craft keeps the pages turning in the hands of readers.”

D. Rhodes, The Book Commentary


“A prophetic thriller in more ways than one … readers of Final Chance will find its special mix of familiar past and all-too-frightening future to be hard to put down. Seasoned with action and intrigue, these characters face questions modern man grapples with today on a level that makes their choices and consequences anything but predictable.

“It takes a seasoned hand to incorporate all these questions and considerations into a gripping suspense story. Van Fleisher represents that talent.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review



“Must read …

After delivering two impactful novels in a series that mixes politics with forthcoming technological advancements … Fleisher creates a story that will have readers thinking and highly entertained in equal measure. Near future social, political, and technological issues converge into a well-paced narrative that provides a glimpse into what might be and how some will stop at nothing to stymie progress …

“Characters and themes may bear a striking similarity to current times, which is likely no mistake on Fleisher’s part.


“Kudos, Mr. Fleisher, on a great novel and entertaining series. I could not ask for anything better.”

M. Pechey, Reedsy Discovery


Amazon Readers


"I purchased this book prior to release because the first two - Final Notice and Final Act - stoked my concern for our future as a nation and species. I wasn't disappointed. Knowing the main characters made it easy to jump into their future, now a frightening one. The solution for mankind to survive the worldwide environmental crisis until Earth can heal is to dome the cities against the sun and switch to solar power to eliminate air pollution. But that enrages the oil moguls, and the politicians in their pockets, to the point of assassination and wreaking terror and tragedy. The underlying story of Final Chance is about the woman who is born to take on the responsibility of being POTUS. This is a thought-provoking and sometimes snarky look at politics and the real concern for our current environmental crisis.

Thanks to Mr. Fleisher for creating this third story of his thought-provoking trilogy."



FINAL CHANCE, the third book in this series, is a compelling story that addresses pressing global issues such as the climate crisis and deeply personal questions such as what would you do if you knew that the date of your death was near?

Drawing from the disciplines of politics science and technology, this memorable reading experience is as entertaining as it is a pressing call to action. My thanks to the author for bringing awareness to the absolute urgency of this call.

Kudos, with high recommendations, for this creative, valuable and eye-opening reading experience.


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