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Final Chance

By Van Fleisher

Science Fiction or a History of the Future ... the not-so-distant future: (2068) The climate-change tipping point has been breached faster than expected. Seas are rising and are more acidic, greatly affecting the health of our oceans and dramatically reducing our supply of seafood. Temperatures are rising along with humidity, creating a deadly combination of environmental conditions resulting in deaths and destruction. Outbreaks of diseases as a result of glacier melt, anthrax, mosquitos, and ticks. Agriculture and our entire food chains are breaking down as rising CO2 in the atmosphere is affecting plant nutrition and animal stocks. Crops are failing as they struggle to survive in new environments and more frequent and intense weather patterns.

Fortunately, a progressive government had been elected, and a large majority of Americans finally realized that climate change was real, needed to be urgently addressed, and that working together with our heretofore enemies carried with it a huge peace dividend. As a result, the United States had been able to fund huge projects to fend off the effects of global warming as well as develop a stopgap or fallback position – the FINAL CHANCE – in case those efforts would not be enough to sustain life.


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