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Final Chance, the whole story

A History of the Future - 2068

The United States was leading the way, and countries around the world had joined in with all-out efforts to sustain life and revitalize the environment. It was, indeed, everyone’s Final Chance, so why was someone trying to sabotage these efforts?

Although this is a work of fiction, every technology introduced in this book is either available at the moment or is in part. Sadly, almost all the climate change outcomes are presenting themselves. Humankind can stop the end result if we stop playing politics and work together.

Available as an e-book, paperback, or Audible. If you haven’t tried audiobooks, I’d encourage you to do so. It’s an exciting way to take a walk or while traveling. And if you use e-books, the audiobook will sync with the e-book, so wherever you stop reading or listening to one, it will pick up with the other! How cool is that? If you buy an Audible version of Final Chance, I’ll send you a free e-book. Just send me an e-mail at with a copy of your Audible receipt, and I’ll send you an e-book.


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