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Ghostwriting. It's no secret that a book showcasing your business or primary activity can be a highly effective way to add credibility, improve your marketing effectiveness, increase your visibility, and even create a new revenue stream. But who has the time or expertise to do that?


Most customers do some online research, and sure, they can find your website, but if they also see that you're published on Amazon, that adds to their confidence, even if they never read your book.


Having a book to give away is a tremendous list-building opportunity. In today's email marketing world, we can never get enough valid and connected prospects, and it's very cost-effective. It may offset all your marketing costs through book sales if it addresses a practical need. In fact, if you sign up and leave a message, I'll send you a free copy of CSM, my soon-to-be-published book!


If you think a book about or related to your business would be a great idea, but time, cost, and expertise stand in the way, let's talk. You may be surprised!

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Screenwriting. One secret to screenwriting that's helped me is screenwriting software. The formatting helps to guide the writer. Having said that, I've also taken several courses and have been coached to help me prepare to write the action-packed screenplays that studios and producers seek.

I'd be happy to hear about your thoughts and plans to adapt your book and share what I've learned so far to help you move your screenplay along the path to the big screen! Get in touch. 

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