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Author Mentoring/Coaching. If you're new to writing and publishing, you'll soon find out that there are as many services being offered as there are authors! That's an exaggeration, but ... And of all the services that are offered, take it from me; you don't need or want many of them. 

Marketing services to new authors is a growth industry, and many of the "service" providers would embarrass a used car salesman. Wild promises, big fees, and no accountability. I've seen the good, bad, and ugly regarding author services.

Do yourself a favor and ask me before you spend more money than you'd like to for author services. I'll give you my opinion - free of charge! 

To get started, simply write. Let it flow. An outline might help keep the story going in the direction you want, but keep it flexible. Once you make significant headway, you can consider some editing with respect to plot, character development, and cliffhangers.

Writing is the hard part, and that's up to you. Only then do you need to spend time and some money to really get it out there.

If you're new to writing and publishing, I'm happy to share what I've learned with you. Just ask.

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