Van Fleisher Author

About Consulting


The consulting aspect of VF3 is my opportunity to help smaller companies and individuals to more effectively learn and use the skills, techniques, strategies and tactics that I have used during my almost 30 years working with larger companies, in over 30 countries. I would like to put my strong suits — which include human relations, organizational behavior, sales, marketing and management — to work, helping others. Whether on local, national and/or global levels, these strengths can be effectively utilized in a number of different ways, including executive coaching, workforce planning, organizational effectiveness and motivation; performance improvement (on an individual or organizational basis) and effective strategic execution or interim management. References.

For those of you who speak English, but not as a first language, I can help you with presentations and proposals. For those of you starting a new job, I can help tailor your first 100 days to ensure a smoother and more successful entry. And for those of you who have discovered how lonely it can be at the top, I can work with you to energize all the moving parts of your business.

I’m not afraid to put in the time to meet (at least via on-line conversations), talk, and understand the issues – at my expense.  After that I’ll be able to give you a proposal at a reasonable price and flexible terms. Check out some of the areas where I believe I can add value.

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