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I've spent 50 years managing and improving sales teams for multi-billion dollar companies and growing smaller ones by 15% to well over 100%. Economic uncertainty has become the norm, making it more important than ever to ensure that your sales team is a high-performing one.
I want to help smaller companies succeed and share some of the make-or-break tactics I've developed over my long sales management career. We can start off with a brief phone call and then take it from there. And, if we find some common ground, we'll also find an affordable way to make it happen.

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Common Sense Management

Over the years, I’ve seen an endless parade of ‘alphabet soup’, ‘silver bullet’ solutions rolled out by management consultants. None of them will bring holistic, significant, or sustainable change on their own if they are carried out mechanically. Plus, they risk failure for two other critical and, sadly, common reasons:  


1. Programs are often carried out in discrete areas of the business. While a lean program may do well in the production area, the other functions carry out the ultimate profit-killer – business as usual.


2. Improvement programs are seen as closed-end activities with start and stop dates. Common Sense Management has no stop date, and perfection is a goal, so it’s plain common sense to keep going. 

There are three broad areas in which I can assist a business.

1.  Understand and ensure that the business has solid alignment within the organization.

2. Ensure that the business processes are robust and repeatable. 

3. Offer assistance as a fractional sales manager.

The best and easiest way to begin is to have a phone/zoom conversation or two to explore the issues and discuss solutions. So send me the contact form below and I'll get back with you.


I'm always open to sharing what I've learned. Let's connect.


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